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As a certified guitar teacher and more than 20 years of work experience I know how important it is to learn attitude and basic skills well. I will gladly help you further. The guitar lesson is for both children and adults and for beginners and advanced students. Do you want more information, about what kind of guitars or specific wishes in your case, do not hesitate and leave a message or inquire about the possibilities without obligation!

Johnny likes the lessons with Hans
Erik de Graaf

Learning how to play the guitar in Amsterdam?

Do you dream of being able to play the guitar? If you live in Amsterdam or near our capital, there is a teacher in your area who can teach you the tricks of playing the guitar in a pleasant, informal and structured way at your own pace.

Free parking in the blue zone for 2 hours?

The location of the lessons is in Nieuw Sloten. There is a free parking zone. With a blue card you can park up for free during 2 hours. You can reach us very quickly through the access roads A10, A4 and A9 .

Hans Benz
Owner of Amsterdam Guitarlesson

Holidays Amsterdam Guitar lessons

Of course you can indicate yourself when you go on holiday, please inform us about one month in advance.

Lesson days 2019 -2020

  • Monday from 14:00 till 22:00
  • Tuesday from 14:00 till 22:00
  • Wednesday from 14:00 till 22:00
  • Overtaking on these or other days is possible in consultation.

Gitaarles Amsterdam

The learning process

The learning process during the lessons is all about motivation. You are very important in this. Indicate what you want to learn and what you like. Of course your guitar teacher provides clear structured lessons, so that you can also play the music that you like..

Gitaarles Amsterdam

Exercise & technique

Technique is important to become handy with the guitar. That is why it is important to play the guitar for at least half an hour in addition to the lessons. Technology and inner hearing are the key to success. Hans Benz has has developed a method to teach this technique in a playful way.

Gitaarles Amsterdam

The Guitar

To get as much pleasure as possible from playing the guitar, Hans advises you on the purchase of a guitar. There are many differences in sound, for example an acoustic guitar with nylon strings sounds very different from a western guitar with steel strings. Reinforced or not, what kind of plectra.

Gitaarles Amsterdam

Amsterdam west

The guitar lessons of Hans Benz take place at Duke Ellingtonstraat in Amsterdam West. The neighborhood is located in Nieuw-Sloten on the Johan Huizingalaan. Have you become interested in Hans's lessons, please contact Hans: tel. 06-20181640.

Reviews Customers

Hans is a very good guitar teacher who really helps you further. In the area of Amsterdam (West) I would look no further!
"I have regularly witnessed how Hans gives the guitar lessons and I am very pleased with how he does it. In particular the way in which he manages to put my son at ease and makes suggestions in a pleasant (safe) way and Hans is also able to inspire his students, which I think is also because he clearly enjoys his pupils' play and shows it, which of course motivates them. is that Hans always sends an email after class about what should be practiced for the next class. I do not have any comparison material in the sense of other music teachers, but I am not curious about that either. My son has already learned a lot in the past year and a half and I hope that he can continue to grow in that for a long time with Hans. "
Peter van Vliet
"Hans has a very professional attitude and communication about curriculum and payment always runs very smoothly and pleasantly. Finally, and not unimportantly, Hans is a very musical teacher who approaches the profession mainly out of love for the music!"
Harald Walkate
Jazz pianist