About Hans

Hans Owner Guitar lessons Amsterdam & Guitar lesson Benz

Teaching is something that I enjoy a lot. In addition to the (night)life in Amsterdam. The outside life, terraces and culture that lives everywhere. I love to make beautiful music. In teaching I try to make use of today’s technology as much as possible. Play along with music, adjust speed in the play-along tracks works great and is often very motivating.

Hans as an Arranger for strings and horns

In addition to my work as a music teacher at a HAVO / VWO in Amsterdam, there is an annual musical. Students can register voluntarily. I write and arrange existing pieces for horns and strings, so that students can play together. I also think it is great to be able working with young children and to encourage them to have a successful experience in music.

Hans as a musician and guitarist

As a musician and guitarist I want to have a strong supporting role in the band. In addition, as a guitarist you should be able to express your gratitude every now and then. You should at least have a concept solo ready so that you can pop up, even at those dull moments when there might be less inspiration.