Rule of the game

Will be paid one month in advance.NL47INGB0754324524 T.n.v. H.C.Benz o.v.v .: Guitar lesson Name and Month. Payment is made in the first week of the lesson month.

Tuition fee
Tuition fee
Not being able to attend class? Report this one day at least 24 hours in advance. The tuition fee is paid through. The lesson can be made up within 1 or 2 weeks if everyone can. If the teacher is sick, a replacement will be provided.
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Gitaarles Amterdam
Hans benz
Owner Amsterdam Gitaarles
Holidays are in accordance with secondary education school. Holidays outside the school holidays will not be paid for. If communicated at least one month in advance.

The cancellation of your package must be done at least one month in advance. The cancellation may be made in writing, by telephone and/or orally.

Cancel Package
Cancel Package